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Read it just if you wish. It’s a tweet about Renner’s marital status. You’ve been warned.



Why does it say ‘You Have Been Warned”? What is the Warning? Do not understand? It is his personal life, and we need to be Warned? WTF?

Well it’s simple.Warned just because the content of the post, darling. Some people don’t want to know anything about Jeremy’s private life so they can choose to read it or not. Don’t want to have people boring me with private messages about privacy or not privacy, so I think the warning it’s just a good way to play fair. :-) Peace!

"The Faithful" Preview: Episode 3: The newest episode of "The Faithful" highlights actor Jeremy Renner’s love for the 49ers, airing this Sunday. (Go and like the post on Twitter 49ers page please!!!)


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