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5. Lost Stars - Keira Knightley
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9. Women Of The World (Go On Strike!) - CeeLo Green
10. Coming Up Roses - Keira Knightley
11. Into The Trance - Cessyl Orchestra
12. A Step You Can’t Take Back - Keira Knightley

5 Ways Downey Could Be Iron Man Again

1. The Bruce Banner Buddy Movie

He’s never actually gone full sidekick with Rhodie in an Iron Man film, nor has he had a partner yet, so it’s possible that Marvel’s going to bring in a second big gun and make a mini-Avengers flick. This could mean War Machine/Iron Patriot, or it could mean something much… bigger: the Hulk. Tony and Bruce Banner had great chemistry, and since Ruffalo is locked in for a six-picture deal, some believe that we’ll get to see a Planet Hulk plotline at some point. The conceit: Hulk gets out of control, and Iron Man is forced to launch him into space to keep him from smashing everything. This would set up nicely for a Ruffalo solo film (that’s three so far) and then Avengers 3 could be the return-to-earth plot. Also it would let us finally see the Hulkbuster armor in play (after it gets rebuilt), which seems pretty badass.

‘Spotlight,’ about Globe coverage of church scandal, begins filming with a scene at Fenway - The Boston Globe

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